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About Us


Alliance Air Parts, Inc. was created in 2006 as a small family owned general aviation parts business. Our family has been in the general aviation parts business since 1975 in one capacity or another.

We are from the Kansas City area, but decided to locate our new venture in the Oklahoma City area. This decision was made because Oklahoma City is centrally located in the middle of the country and the climate based on the averages would be beneficial to us when bringing the aircraft to our facility to de-manufacture them. Also, with the FAA and the aircraft title companies based in Oklahoma City it was a natural fit.

Moving to a new town and starting a business at the same time was exciting and challenging!! We leased our first location while we continued to look for a convenient location to build.

In 2008, we purchased 20 acres one mile south of the Will Rogers airport. In 2010, our 34,000 square foot facility was ready and we began the move across town while we continued to take care of our customers. It was another exciting but challenging time for Alliance Air Parts.

Alliance Air Parts has continued to grow and invest in our people, our IT infrastructure and to acquire the best possible inventory to serve our customer´s needs. We will continue to grow and evolve as necessary.

We are proud of the fact that with all the changes that have taken place we have never lost sight of our core values. We believe in honesty and integrity when dealing with everyone! We value and respect our employees and know they are important to our future growth. These core values carry over to our customers as well. We are the company that wants to offer you the best product, at a fair price and “exceptional” customer service!

Our name “Alliance” was chosen for a reason – we want to be your “ally” for the mutual benefit of all.